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A Megabass S2 copy I made with the 1" thick black PVC that a friend sent me.
The material is a dream to work with, and it's even stronger and slightly more buoyant than the 1" AZEK trimboard I've been using.
The spot on the bait is the bondo covering the 1 gram lead ball rattle, with circuit board discs.
I use the line tie to rear hook hanger line as a reference, and draw line up from the belly hanger to give me a rough idea of the center of axis. It's not exact, but it helps me repeat things if they work, or change them in an organized way if they don't.
My paint scheme was meant to imitate barrybait's bait, but I am nowhere near the artist he is.

    mark poulson
    Aug 02 2016 11:40 PM

    The finished bait weighs 46 grams, with two #2 EWG short shank Mustad trebles.

    It was dipped in Solarez.

    MARK, looks great  did a real good job..

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