8 1/2 Fatfingers Flatshad

Carved from cedar; weighted, deep diver with high speed trolling capacity.

This is a bait I made for a customer. It will be tipped with VMC trebles, which are my favorite hooks.

The bait has iridescent sides and custom blended crackle Pearl overlays.

I had fun with this one and I've been messing around trying to develop the color pattern to see what I can do with it.

I'm currently building a new 7 inch version of the Flatshad, which is a model I developed about 12 years ago.


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Beautiful work.  Your crackle job and finish are really awesome.  Nice work.  What are you fishing for with these lures?  Do you both plug cast and troll for them?

Just curious,


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Thanks, Barrry.

We use them for pike and muskies.

The larger baits are normally used only for trolling and the medium and small ones are used for both casting and trolling.

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