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Golden Firetiger

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This is a little 3.5" stick-bait made out of balsa and hand-painted in what I am calling a golden fire tiger. I am hoping to mimic all the golden fire tiger colored minnows that the smallmouth love to feed on in southwestern Michigan.:lol: Anyways tell me what you think: comments and critiques would be much appreciated; but remember I am new at this!

This lure making business is way too addicting...

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Heck, man, you're well on your way! Hand painting baits is not easy and yours looks like you know what you want to achieve.

Stone Coal Tackle might be able to give you some pointers. He does hand work also and his work is amazing.

I think he uses little pieces of sponge to apply certain effects.

You could also try using toothpicks to apply paint for detail work and I've heard of guys using a toothbrush (by fanning the bristles with their thumb) to apply a fine spray of dots over the bait.

Good work. Keep it going!

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