First swimbait

ive had "swimbaitaphobia" for a long time now.... but i finally faced my fears and built one..... well... three actually

the first was a complete failure.. the second swims good one it gets moving, but seems to take too long to get moving

so i came up with this raised forehead design for the third... it gets moving alot quicker than the other and had an attractive action in the pool, so i finished and painted this one first

took it to the lake today... caught one and missed one...... but the action doesnt look as good in open water as it did in the pool, so next im gonna finish the other one and get an open water comparrison

heres a short video of the pool comparrison

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I'm no swimbait guru by any sense of the word, but the one thing that stands out to me is that the sections of the bait seem to be really close to being the same length. Have you tried making the head section longer than the others? Unless I'm mistaken the head section is what drives the action.


Way to persevere though. Building swimbaits was not my cup of tea.



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it is a bit deceptive because of the sloped nose.. but the head is 1 1/2" long, other sections 1" long (3 1/2" total length).... is that a normal ratio?

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