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I made a laminate bait out of 1/4" Centec PVC board.
I used the same pattern as my other 3 1/2" PVC crankbaits that I made to try and copy barrysbait's balsa bait.
I put a 2/1 gram lead ball weight transfer into this one, instead of a rattle.
The lamination process adds another 1 1/2 hours to the build, for the additional layout, cut outs, and slot making, and the actual lamination.
I sanded the meeting faces with 80 grit to give the ZAP gap filling glue something to bite, and it holds up fine.
The finished bait weighs 36.5 grams, with a 3 gram LPO hook hanger, and the two 1 gram lead balls in the weight transfer slot.
It is also with (2) #2 Mustad EWG short shank trebles and (3) #4 split rings.

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    Chuck Young
    Sep 07 2016 06:12 PM

    You probably know better than I do; But I think this is the sort of pic that would be better on the thread. There is nothing show - offy (I just made up a word) about this pic.