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I made a laminate bait out of 1/4" Centec PVC board.

I used the same pattern as my other 3 1/2" PVC crankbaits that I made to try and copy barrysbait's balsa bait.

I put a 2/1 gram lead ball weight transfer into this one, instead of a rattle.

The lamination process adds another 1 1/2 hours to the build, for the additional layout, cut outs, and slot making, and the actual lamination.

I sanded the meeting faces with 80 grit to give the ZAP gap filling glue something to bite, and it holds up fine.

The finished bait weighs 36.5 grams, with a 3 gram LPO hook hanger, and the two 1 gram lead balls in the weight transfer slot.

It is also with (2) #2 Mustad EWG short shank trebles and (3) #4 split rings.


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looks pretty sharp man!

a handy property ive found with PVC is, it melts... i use a soldering iron to start my balast holes... you could probably do something similar with your ballast slot, without melting all the way thru.... save time filling the outside of the slots

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Nice job Mark.  Did I light a fire under you or what!  I haven't been able to get back to that bait since I made them and I want to make some more I just can't get everything else done right now.  I always think of a tube for a channel for the weight transfer system but with the lamination system there is no need for that.  What a great idea.  Weight transfer will sure help place these baits right where you need them in this delta wind.  Looking forward to seeing how she swims and of course this Saturday, how she gets bit.


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I goofed.  The material is called Celtec.

I think Centec may be some kind of plastic explosive, so it probably wouldn't be good for making baits.  Hahaha

I got the weight transfer idea from Dieter here on TU.

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