IMG 1169 skitter pop,

Have been trying to learn how to make a decent splatter back, paint job. I said I would post a picture, when I finally made one that was decent. So this is it. Thanks for the help guys, with out your help I would still be scratching my head.


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Yes, I did, it seemed about 4 inches was the best for me. Actually there wasn't alot of difference, until It got to about 6 inches.I was using a 150 Badger, for this .

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Looks good. A mix of spatter and atomized paint looks pretty organic. If you want just spatter, try backing off a bit more, Maybe lower the pressure, and spray above the bait. There is nothing wrong with the 150. Just got mine back from Badger - Man do they stand behind their product. Great service for very  little scratch. 

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I agree on the 150 Badger, I now own 3 of them. Can't pass one up when I see one on ebay for a steal. I had the pressure turned way down on the Splatter max . Think I may have had the paint a little thin. Sure appreciate any help on painting baits. I have been doing it a while, but seem to not be improving very fast.I sure love doing it though.

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