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speed trap copy

mark poulson
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Someone asked me to try and copy a Luhr Jenson speed trap, and here's my version, along with an original in a redish craw for comparison.

I've included a schematic (at least, my version of a schematic) and I built mine out of Azek PVC trim.  They swim really well, even when burned back on a fast retrieve.

I built one out of the med weight balsa that Rayburn Ben gave me, and it's so lively I had to increase the belly hanger weight to 3.7 grams, with not rattles.   I'm going to try and make a balsa bait with rattles tomorrow.

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On 2/4/2017 at 4:19 PM, MarkNY said:

Great work. I learned some things from your drawings. Do you handcarve that pvc at all or just power carve? Mark


Sorry to be so late replying.  I use an oscillating belt sander to get the basic shape, and then a rasp and file to get the belly tapers.  The final shaping is by hand, with sand paper.

The pointed, V shaped nose is a key, I think, in making the bait stable at high speeds.  The two angled faces going back from the nose force the water over the body so it's being pushed down and to the side, even on a fast retrieve.

Having a Speed Trap to use as a reference really helped me with the shaping.  Every detail has a reason it's there.


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