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The Slip Crank

This is the 5th generation of my ongoing project... The Slip Crank

This one is a medium diver (7ft).. Carved from PVC.. Painted with Krylon.. Tule scales.. D2T topcoat


An "un-losable", "un-spitable" crank bait... The line through design means the hook is not attached to the lure... We all know a crank bait floats at rest, so in the event of a snag, you stop reeling and the Slip Crank floats up the line for retrieval .... You lose the hook, not the lure...... Also to this credit, the detached hook means a fish can spit the lure during a fight and lose any advantage provided by the leverage of said lure

To get the idea, here's an old video from the second model I ever made



First and foremost, in almost 2 years of making and fishing these Slip Cranks, I have not lost one yet.. I throw them into any cover with confidence, sometimes even purposely looking for a stump to snag just so I can watch my little creation do its job

Second, there have been plenty of developments,  but none as big as the "tuning eye"...... We all know how to tune a crank bait by bending the line tie.. But what if there is no line tie??.... I tune my slip cranks from the rear... The hook (and bead) rest on a wire eye located behind the exit point... By bending this eye left or right, I can change the pull angle of the hook.. Effectively tuning the bait

Before this discovery, I almost gave up on the idea.. I could only get 1 out of every 4 or 5 baits to run true.... But now the game has changed!

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Such a simple idea, I couldn't believe it hadn't been done before..... And when I google it, I come up:lol:

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Oh, and one of the biggest questions in the beginning was weather or not I could get a decent swimming crank bait without the mechanical freedom of a split ring or snap ring connected to the line tie.. Like a traditional crank bait

You can be the judge.. Here's a test swim of this bait in our pool.... Apologies, not the best camera work


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The swim looks great!

Have you stuck any fish on it yet? When I was playing around with the idea myself I always wondered if the line-through mechanism would actually serve its function or not. I guess in my mind the water resistance on the lip would just push the bait back towards the fish, but I never tried it so I don't know for sure haha

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Yes... I've caught a few 

It's give and take with the catch rate... Having one treble instead of two is obviously a handicap.... But on the other hand, once they're hooked, it's hard to lose em!

And yea, there's plenty of separation between the hook and lure during a fight... Since fish don't tend to swim in a strait line once a hook pokes em in the mouth, the water actually pulls the bait away from the fish when it changes direction


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1 hour ago, shlock said:


Well I'll be damned!... Google let me down.... I must have searched every word and phrase EXCEPT "float back"

However, I did find a  patent on this concept, over 20 years old and expired.... So I'm not sure what aspect they hold a patent for??

Only issue I see with theirs is the breaking off... If you've ever seen a crankbait back away from a limb on a pause, you know it doesn't float strait up..... There's no telling where the bait will surface, you could still lose it, especially on a windy day..... I like how mine is free to float up the line, I know right where it's headed

But I do like the "through belly hook".. Genius!..... And it looks like they beat my by exactly 2 years

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Yea, had trouble getting to it... So I went through Google... There was an ICast video from May 2013 featuring it..... I built my first prototypes in May 2015

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Cool bait ,similar concept of the bill lewis pro trap but it's lipless ,you can also tune it by a rubber grommet that gently holds  the hook in the bottom of the bait. Down side the pro trap doesn't float but fish can't throw it, fish love em 

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