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Scorched Surface Popper

This piece was turned on my lathe from a piece of ash wood that I harvested from my woodpile, cut into blanks and dried by my wood stove for a month. There is absolutely NO paint on this lure! Instead of hiding the woods grain underneath layers of paint, I decided to embrace and utilize the natural tight end grain of ash and showcase its ability to add character and definition to this piece.  The process involves scorching the wood completely black with a torch to lower the grain. It is then brushed away with a wire brush and filled with a variety of colored waxes that fill the lowered crevasses of the different density grains. The bottom the underside  of the mouth features a candy apple red colored wax to mimic a bleeding effect.  The wood is then sealed with a liquid wax and sanding sealer before it gets its final double dip in UV Blast Seal-Coat. I wanted to make sure every bit of grain came out even in the mouth of this piece, so I used a thinned out red dye so that the grain would still slightly show through. Topped with  chartreuse eyes, a firetiger feathered treble and propeller in the rear, and a bleeding red treble in the front, this lure is bound to catch the eye of the most finicky bass. Lure measures 3" long and  7/8" in diameter at widest point.

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