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3 Way Hairball Crappie

3 Way Hairball Crappie

Bodt length:       3-1/2”

Overall length:  4-1/4”

Weight:                                1-3/32 oz.

Hooks:                  #2 and #4 VMC trebles

Paint:                    Createx paint applied by airbrush, sponge, and brush.

Buoyancy:           slightly negative with a level orientation in water.

Sink rate:             2 seconds per foot .

Construction:     carved birch, dual hinged, 4 dual “v”section  swimbait, Through wired to both attachment points with  .041 wire. Wood is sealed with superglue, finished with 30 minute epoxy.

Fins and tail:       split maribou epoxied to topcoat (can be easily replaced).



True crappie profile

4 wide profile sections in 3-1/2” length  swimbait.

Dual “V” shaped wooden sections do not allow light to pass through the joint between sections.

Through wired hinges and attachment points.

Innovative holographic finish (my invention) resembles scales, provides great highlights, and generates a slight color shift. Pictures do not do it justice.

Split maribou fins and tail cannot foul on hooks, compress when lure is retrieved, extend and flutter on pause allowing for great life even at rest. They do not inhibit the action of the lure like other materials.

Dual attachment points

Front attachment:

It hunts side to side as jerkbait.

It holds depth all the way to boat from 1 to 2 feet. 

It swims with casual action on retrieve.

Rear attachment:

Lure hunts side to side and up and down as a jerkbait

Lure holds depth all the way to boat from 3-4.5 feet

It dives quickly to 3 feet

Vigourous swimming action

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