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I think your on to something.   What ever you did, the end result comes across as a very fishable lure.  The red-eye certainly helps.

   Not all that excited about the bill.   Just a comment.  



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Thanks for the interest. It's funny you mentioned the lip. Some love it and some hate it based off it's appearance but all that have tried it, love it...............Along with the usual custom qualities, these crankbaits also possess the following "Crankbait Essentials":
1)A custom lip that allows the bait to deflect properly and cut thru the column with ease
2)A rotating rear hook anchor that increases your catch ratio especially those back hook fish
3)A belly magnet for the front treble making it more natural looking, more weedless, and eliminates hook rash
4)Owner 150 degree stinger treble on front and a Owner ST36 treble in back
Again, thanks for the interest!
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