Custom Pull Pin From Repurposed Material 1 of 4


1. Hard wood handle is salvaged from a broken rubber mallet.

I knew I saved this for a reason.

2. 1/8 Hard stainless wire .o62 with loop.

This was purchased but  not used because it was too hard for a thru wire lure construction (cost .99C).


1. 1/4" Counter bore   5/16" deep.

2. .0627 holes 2ea spaced as shown.

3. Cut handle to desired length.

I cut mine to allow material to extend past my hand on both sides when held.

4. Insert SS wire and trim to fit mold; then smooth cut end.

5. Wire is held securely with friction.

If wire is ever needed to be replaced just push out the old one and replace with a new one.


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