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A few crankbaits I've been working on. I still need to work on lowering the air pressure before spraying the kill spot and gills.

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They look good.  You can make it much easier to airbrush the gill plate and kill dot.  Use painters tape with a hole punched in it for the kill dot.  For gill plates just use scissors or an exacto knife to cut the shape of the gill plate in heavy paper like stencil paper.  Hold the paper in position and spray mostly on the stencil to get a nice line for the gill plate.  It will be a hard line at the stencil edge and fade quickly for a soft line forward of the gill plate.  Much easier and you still need to reduce the air gun pressure.  Hope this helps.  Your baits look great.


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Thank you Barry. I am going to make a few stencils to help me along. I am having trouble finding the air pressure  sweet spot for doing detail work. I am going to have to break out some PVC or test plugs and work on it.

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Lowering the pressure and using a little thicker paint,prayed  through a fine tip will fix that. I have most of my paints pre thinned in bottom feed jars. But for spots I break out the compromise cup and put some paint in strait from the bottle. For free hand spots I put the strait paint in (Wicked detail sepia ) and lower the pressure until it no longer draws paint. Then I bump it up a little  until it sprays steady.  It usually ends up well below 10 PSI.  

If you are having an off day, but still want the freehand look, hold the stencil of the bait about 1/8". It will look a little more natural. 

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