4 inch plopper 1

I wanted a smaller plopper that still had a deep, loud plop and cast well, so I made this. It weighs 32 grams, but is only 4" long. I made the front section with a deeper belly, so I could add more ballast lower, to make up for the shorter 2 1/2" front section. It worked, along with giving the front a V shaped profile, so there wasn't as much buoyant PVC in the belly. I also made the tail thinner from front to back, so it hangs just slightly tail down, and the helps it to plop at low speeds.

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Sorry to take so long to reply.

Thanks for liking it, if that is even a thing.

I carved the tail from Azek PVC decking, using a dremel with a small sanding drum, after I cut out the main shape on the bandsaw.  I've found that the shorter I make the tail fin, from front to back (not out from the shaft), the better it plops.  I think it has to do with how easily and quickly it rotates.

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