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Thanks! I cut my stencils out of a heavy paper with an exacto knife and the paint is all done with an airbrush.  

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You must be a Muskie Fisherman, too.  Where are you located, I thought I saw something that said you were in Canada?  Lake of the Woods??  I am just starting out making my own Muskie Baits for personal use.  I could only dream of ever getting as good as you are with the paint jobs.  These are too pretty to even throw into the water!!  I will be posting pictures of my first attempts soon.  Thanks for the inspiration!


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Hello All Eyes, couple more questions for you if you don't mind: 

1)  What type of epoxy are you using?

2)  How many coats on this lure?

3)  Total weight of the lure?

4)  Type of wood you are using?



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