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Feed Back

Feed Back

I would like any feedback on these baits?

    construction looks good, but can't really tell they are very blurred. Maybe try backing off on the camera a little???? Rod
    Feb 19 2007 06:29 PM
    :) i am just getting started and i think the lures look really good, great job!!! how long have you been painting lures? do you use a template on the red gill?? if you don't mind me saying something about the "blurred" photo ? if you are using a digital camera you need to switch your camera to "macro" and then zoom in and hold the camera shutter buttion 1/2 way down, this allows the camera to focus on the object and will take an actual size photo. i hope this will help you an the photo's as for the lures they are great. i hope i can get as good as you are on the lures. i am a rookie at the lures. Richard

    I would like to enroll in Dweller University, in the painting department. How do I enroll and how much does it cost.

    Do You make a spreader so that you can fish 3 baits at one time? You know like a whole school of bait fish swimming together in the river.