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I call these our Bog Frogs,We took real Frogs from a School supply company that were for disection purposes and made Plaster Casted Hand Pour Molds then sealed the molds with Epoxy.These come in 3 sizes,a 6 inch,an 8 inch and a huge 10 inch Bull Frog,They come in Floating and Sinking Versions,the floating versions rear legs are poured with a soft plasting so they have perfect leg twitching action then the body is poured with a floating plastic made with mico bubbles,the 6 inch Floating Version will float a 6/0 hook,the 8 and 10 inch floaters will float a 12/0 hook,Realostic 3d lure eyes and the paint from I spike it makes these look as deadly as they work,we also offer these in scented options that work real well,we came up with a way to mix the scent right into the paint thus getting rid of the paint smell and adding scent at the same time.These can be rigged with large Bass hooks or Rigged with a couple of treble Hooks and a plastic tube pushed through the frog,very simple and easy rigging.As realistic as you will find.

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