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2 more big ones.!!!!!

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Yea, I know im going to get some smack for this one. I just had to brag a little. 9-1 and a 8-12 Big one caught on a home made buzzbait the other caught on a jerkbait, One hour apart. One day im going to remember to shove one of my baits down these hogs throats and get you a great pic.

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YOU SUCK :lolhuh: Here you are in shorts and a short sleeved shirt and here I am in insulateds throwing a Float and Fly in 38 degree water. Try that on one of those brutes :lolhuh: If you're not familiar with it .....9' lite crappie rod + 6# floro leader + 1/32 oz. fly + 20" smallie = almost as much fun as you're having. One good and bad thing......beer stays cold.....it could freeze before you drink it.

Good Fish Dude :worship:

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I knew you would hate that one. Sorry man. Come on down, I'll put you on some. And hell my parents own a snowbird park, might even be able to get you a vacation place.

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