The 3rd topwater fave

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These old "Spooks" are fairly easy to carve from round dowels or broomsticks , provided , that the wood is light enough to float up properly:wink: , just put screweyes and a weight in the rear belly portion , so that the lure hangs a bit "tail down" on the surface , paint and seal off , and have a real "topwater killer bait" for pike :) .

Made my first ones years ago , when such lures where still not widely available in Germany , and already caught on them nicely , it's that easy to "walk-the-dog" that lure .

The stripe pattern I sprayed through slid-on rubber-O-rings with aerosol cans , I don't utilize airbrushing , too lazy to always clean up all equippment:huh: , I'd rather take my time for testing new ideas in luremaking .

greetings , diemai

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