globe lure

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Another lure of my own design called the "FoFoGlobe"(FoFo for "fold forward") .

After having made some "Globes" with a prop-blade years ago , that I mailordered from Wisconsin , I have found , that those lures with that rigid , wide prop didn't fit into my stowaway boxes in my tackle bags:( .

I was curious about these lures , and wanted to try them out over here , but also didn't want to carry a big bag along for bank-fishing .

I had just made my first " Crawler" lure , so I had the idea about why not adapting those "Crawler" wing-hinges for a "Globe" lure , so that the single prop-blades would fold forward , and the lure therefore would fit into my stowaway box:wink: !

The oncoming current on retrieve and the circular force of the rotating lure-head lift the blades up at any retrieve speed , at slow speed the lure also generates a metallic , clicking sound as an after-effect of the loose play those blades and hinges have .

But still I haven't caught on it yet:( , I guess , pike over here prefer different surface snacks !

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