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A "Crawler"-type surface lure , turned down on my lathe from Abache-wood , approx. 1" dia. , 4 1/2" in length .

The wings and their hinges I cut out from 0,5 mm(25,4 mm make up for 1")stainless steel sheet , filed , ground and swaged them to shape .

The lure works very nice:) , but I am not quite satisfied with the hinges , It seems to me , that the water pressure on the wings during retrieve is a little bit too high , so the back-swing limiting flaps on those hinges maybe are too weak and bend backward after some time fishing:( .

Well , it's just an impression(or imagination:huh: ?) that I have , but should I make another one of this type , I would choose thicker sheet metal for the hinges , maybe 0,8 to 1,0 mm .

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