array of spoons

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I am not quite sure wether it is right to post these pics here and not under "blade baits" , but since I exclusively found spinnerblades and bucktails there , I guess , it should be alright:huh: .

In fact I wonder , why I haven't found any homemade spoons on this site so far , or I just didn't look very well ?

Anyway , when I started out with luremaking many years ago , spoon-making was one of my first challenges , and I still make them today , cut out and swaged to shape from 1,0mm to 2,0mm(25,4mm equals 1") copper,-brass,-or stainless steel sheets , a variety of different finishes are possible , they may be painted , plain polished , decorated with different kinds of decal foil , plated with glitter chips and even heated to red glow(stainless steel only)to achieve a blue/purple/brown color .

Shown here are variations of the exellent Finnish allround spoon "R

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