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My latest spoon project

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This two lures are the result of some trial and error spoon-making I went through during the past weeks . Someone had asked me to make some spoons for him shaped after a German vintage spoon called "Maus-Blinker"(English "Mouse-Spoon") , he was quite in despare , since he had lost the last one inherited from his father:(:( !

Didn't have any idea about that lures shape , so I searched the web and I was lucky to find some assistance on a German luremaking site .

Refering to the demands of that guy , I made those prototypes bigger than the old originals , they are about 4" in length and more moderately cupped , made of 1,0mm stainless steel sheet(25,4mm = 1") .

The one with yellow bead-eyes was heated to red glow with a soldering torch to achieve this distinctive blue/purple/brown color .

These spoons turned out to look much like an "Eppinger Red Eye Spoon" , as I noticed later , but their action is more pronounced , they "edge" from one side to the other , almost overturning , whilst swimming in a narrow "wave"-pattern , even on a slow retrieve , but don't run to deep .

Questions ? You're welcome:wink: !

greetings , diemai

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