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Homemade European style fishing essentials

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I know , that this way of fishing is not very popular in the States , but I found a few people interested in such(at least in floats) in one or two threads on TU , so I made up my mind to put these creations into the gallery;) .

Pictured are sinkers , cast without a mold into discharged ammo casings , these are suitable for rigs fished in stillwater or in only little current.

The other type of sinker is cast in the aluminium casing of so-called "tea-warmer" candles , these are suited for stronger currents to hold the bait in place .

To provide a tangle-free presentation of the bait , the mainline should run through a so-called "anti-tangle-tube" .

Second pic shows some feeder(or chumming) baskets , the coiled ones are for a little "stickier" chum , the ones of wire mesh are filled with a little lighter stuff .

They are used for fish like carp , tench , roach , bream , etc.... , all non-predatory fish .

The basic "homebrew" chum consists of oats , bread crumps , scents , spices , etc.... , also particles like sweetcorn , crunched dogfood , maggots , etc... may be added .

There are dozens of ready-made chums and ingridients available over here , several for each target species .

Those baskets are fished on so-called "swing-tip",-and "feeder" rods , that provide the most sensitive strike indication .

The largest rectangular basket has a closeable top , I designed it years ago to fill it with chopped minnows to attract zander(walleye) and eel .

On my first test those days I put out two rigs , only 20 yards apart , one with that basket , the other one with an ordinary sinker set-up , bait were dead minnows on both .

Three zander struck that night , and guess , on which rod;) ?

Third pic displays a few of homemade floats , made of reed and of balsawood .

The reed floats hardly cost anything and yet are perfect for the purpose , some are equipped with two leading rings for further casting , also have a little "antenna" on top to stick-on those very popular chemical lights for nightfishing .

The balsa floats are shaped in a drillpress , just with sandpaper, many different shapes are possible , just a few shown here .

The two floats shaped like a baseball bat are weighted with a piece of brass dowel , that also acts as the attachement eyelet , this type casts further and is yet more sensitive for cautious fish , 'cause not so much weight has to be placed onto mainline and leader .

Questions ? feel free to ask , greetings , diemai

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I like the floats. I make Crow Quill Avons with cork or balsa bodies. I would not know where to get bullet cases though.

Nice jobs


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Thanks , Phil ,

Truly hard to get these casings over here in Europe(Great Britain and Germany alike , I guess) ,.... even posession of these discharged ones might be illegal ????

Got them all from a workmate , who is a licensed sport shooter .

greetz , diemai:yay:

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I like the bullet casing leads, would be perfect for drop shotting smal soft plastics!

In switzerland, where every male over 18 is in the army and has to go to shooting practice at least 5 times a year, you can find tons of casings (and even live ammo!) at every village shooting range!

But you can only collect on Sundays otherwise you might get shot!

Cheers S

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