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Homemade European style fishing essentials

I know , that this way of fishing is not very popular in the States , but I found a few people interested in such(at least in floats) in one or two threads on TU , so I made up my mind to put these creations into the gallery;) .

Pictured are sinkers , cast without a mold into discharged ammo casings , these are suitable for rigs fished in stillwater or in only little current.

The other type of sinker is cast in the aluminium casing of so-called "tea-warmer" candles , these are suited for stronger currents to hold the bait in place .

To provide a tangle-free presentation of the bait , the mainline should run through a so-called "anti-tangle-tube" .

Second pic shows some feeder(or chumming) baskets , the coiled ones are for a little "stickier" chum , the ones of wire mesh are filled with a little lighter stuff .

They are used for fish like carp , tench , roach , bream , etc.... , all non-predatory fish .

The basic "homebrew" chum consists of oats , bread crumps , scents , spices , etc.... , also particles like sweetcorn , crunched dogfood , maggots , etc... may be added .

There are dozens of ready-made chums and ingridients available over here , several for each target species .

Those baskets are fished on so-called "swing-tip",-and "feeder" rods , that provide the most sensitive strike indication .

The largest rectangular basket has a closeable top , I designed it years ago to fill it with chopped minnows to attract zander(walleye) and eel .

On my first test those days I put out two rigs , only 20 yards apart , one with that basket , the other one with an ordinary sinker set-up , bait were dead minnows on both .

Three zander struck that night , and guess , on which rod;) ?

Third pic displays a few of homemade floats , made of reed and of balsawood .

The reed floats hardly cost anything and yet are perfect for the purpose , some are equipped with two leading rings for further casting , also have a little "antenna" on top to stick-on those very popular chemical lights for nightfishing .

The balsa floats are shaped in a drillpress , just with sandpaper, many different shapes are possible , just a few shown here .

The two floats shaped like a baseball bat are weighted with a piece of brass dowel , that also acts as the attachement eyelet , this type casts further and is yet more sensitive for cautious fish , 'cause not so much weight has to be placed onto mainline and leader .

Questions ? feel free to ask , greetings , diemai

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