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5 1/2" long. segmented tail and moveable front arms.

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I think it's time for some video. I'd love to see this critter in action.

My first thought is that thing bait is going to get hammered, which a good thing but in the process lose some limbs. How do you have those arms connected again? Great work John. The baby lobster has a friend now.

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the little legs are made from wire insulation. they are flexible . i drilled holes horizontally through the belly and threaded the leg through and epoxied them in. they may get bent up but are not going to come out. they can be bent back into shape again. the front arms have a stainless steel skeleton like the bone in your arm, again inserted through the body of the bait. i made the hooks detachable to minimize stress on the bait ( hopefully ) .

i'll see if i can get some video of it in action. it'll be interesting just figuring out how to operate the camera and the lure at the same time.

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Don't know how I missed seeing this one. Babababababa baaad bad to the bone!

That is really nice. It ought to get clobbered.:yeah:

John B

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