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Lady Bluegills

CA Delta
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As you can tell, I let the girls pick out the colors.

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At first glance I already was sure , that not only the colors were coming from the ladies !

How about adding some eyes with extra long eyelashes as well ;):lol:!

Beautiful.....greetz :yay:, diemai

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:lol:thats awsome. I bet the fish havent seen that color scheem yet. I did some jigging spoons for the bait shop and they asked for a color just like that but a pearl body and just make the colors as stripes. but i like yours better, way better fades.

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Greetings to you friend ... Fantastic work! I am a new person on the site, and I have nothing to boast of, so I ask you, friends, hobby help.Sam I live in Russia, and we have no one makes such good bait for catching large predators.Im of grain to collect information from different people . I am very grateful to them for help. You is not difficult, could you send me at least one of your drawings for manufacturing jerkbait (me, it is important to know where their cargo section of bait), because I really liked your jerkbaits and I would like to do such. It would be nice catch a pike on his wobblers! If that request off to me on mail catshark@rambler.ru. . Thank you!

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