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A Few More Of The Same...

Fish 30acre
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Hinges are made from cotter pins placed in plastic before it hardened in the mold, held together with a brass pin...

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Very nice lures:yes: , .....they don't appear to be too large , how long are they ?

Welldone :yes:, ....greetz , diemai:yay:

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I love the Original Designs.. Very cool!!! Have you named them yet... Cause I see GREMLINS in them for some reason.. GIZMO.. It could be that I just got done painting before I looked at this picture.. But THE GREMLIN would be a cool name for the bait.

Take care,

The Rookie

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they are about 5.5 inches. and i love the gremlin for the name... may have to go with it once i start selling them! "the gremlin shad" or something like that.

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