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Insperation from "Creature Spoon"

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Here is my version of the creature spoon. I got the design from a member that is well known, Dieter or Deimia. I made this spoon wider than Dieters just because I like the look of the wider spoons and it seems that the fish in our area like them a lil bit more lol. I also made the line tie in the middle of the top head more of fo experimenting and I thought I would get more action from this. The tilted head serves a huge amount of difference in the action. When I was trying to get this guy to swim I noticed that when I moved the head down with the curve of the spoon I got more wiggle so I decided to keep it like this.

I am very surprised by the action of this spoon. I did not think i was going to be able to get it to swim without rolling over but to my surprise it has a very uniform side to side wiggle. It seems like that the pivot point of the "X"ing action is where the two round parts of the spoon meet. Still havent took it out to the lake for some fish test but according the bathtub test it looks very promising.

Thanks for looking, Jacob

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