Bass bait

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3" Floater

Made on a lathe

Wt. .44 oz

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Sadly it's not quite visible , how you did the line tie construction , seems to me , that it is a twisted wire eye passing through the lip and leads to the inside of the body :??

By the lip/line tie configuration I assume , that it probably would have a very strong roll from side to side(at least , if the lip is rather narrow) , but maybe , the second section also minors this compared to a one piece lure with sucha lip ?

I find round bodied crankbaits to be a little" problematic" in terms of too much rolling , personally I don't like such an action a lot , also they are limited in terms of certain action patterns.

One can get some different action patterns out of such spindle shaped lures by carving plain or curved surfaces on head and/or flanks , also mount "kinked" metal lips(like "Creek Chub Pikie" style) or utilize bended metal lips , screwed under the chin(like "Cisco Kid" style) .

But it's your own distinctive personal style to make your baits like this , probably these work best for your own fishing , and surely I don't intend to tell you , how to do your lures:nuhuh::nuhuh: .

Just my :twocents: !

greetz:yay: , diemai

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