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Wasn't sure where to post this one. I spent a bit of time carving this one up, even though some of the detail in the head isn't translating here but it's there. The body is made of red oak with about 1.5 oz of lead in the head. I was amazed at how much lead was needed to get this to sit correctly. Recently Paul who goes by Boskabouter built a handful of these which can be seen in the forums pages and btw they turned out really nice got me thinking I should try something new. http://www.tackleunderground.com/forum/wire-baits/17323-can-i-get-these-work.html#post129317

With the hair this one comes in at 7.5 inches and just a shade over 2 ounces. I put a belly hook hanger on just in case I ever wanted to run a treble there but for now I'm going to just go with the single hook off the rear. I painted the blades to look like a school of perch. I gave them a little more pop then the actual perch body for contrast.

Hope you like, thanks for lookin'.

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Looks too precious to throw in the water:yes::yes:.............but I'd still rig a a belly treble , not too small in size , .......guess the bait's too large to miss that option:? .

Very welldone lure:yes: , ......greetz :yay:, diemai

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Thanks everybody, I appreciate the comments.

diemai, never too precious and will look much better with some battle scars.

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