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weird casting spoons

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In the comment section of TU member spoopa's latest gallery upload "Inspiration from Creature Spoon" a discussion about connector snaps and/or wire form "omega clips" rigged onto spoons has come up , so I' d just like to display these some of my earlier spoon models , on which I had first utilized both methods .

My goal of design back in those days(maybe 10 years ago ???) was to achieve a spoon model without requiring any cupping with a ball peen hammer , but simply to be bend over the edges of a vise( I finally achieved sucha successful spoon model by now with my "DinnerBell" spoon) .

The first models I had furnished with a row of attachement holes , since I had no idea about where the locations of line tie and hook had to be to provide the best possible action(if there would be any action at all ???) .

When first casting these spoons with snaps attached , I had found the snaps to ocassionally accidentally open , if rigged the wrong way(put them all in proper direction by now) .

After I had found about those eye locations , I had furnished a second batch with these "omega clip" wire forms , that I have described in spoopa's upload comments section .

I had named these spoons "Rhombo"(the elongated one) and "PikeKite".

Haven't fished them much , since they turned out to have some drawbacks :

"Rhombo" rises up very quick , one has to take care about retrieve pace not to have it break through the surface to loose its pronounced side-to-side roll and wave pattern .

"PikeKite" probably has the most un-aerodynamic shape and thus casts into unpredictable directions ocassionally , also the hook sometimes tangles into the main line , since the distance between line tie and rear hook eye came out to be too short !

!t also rises up quick(obviously all spoons with their line tie behind their front tip do that more or less) , but not as much as "Rhombo" ,.... and really acts like a simple old fashioned children's kite , .........it comes back tail down wiggling side-to-side a bit , on speed increases or little twitches it does randomly change direction just like a kite in the wind , when one tightens the attachment line(it also breaks out to the sides) .

Anyway , as said before , haven't fished these much , only for one or two seasons back then they were in my boxes , haven't caugt on them either , .....only had a big zander(walleye) follow up a "PikeKite"once , but it turned away , as it saw me standing on that pontoon .

Well , now that I gained more experience in fishing , I am thinking to give them another try , ........otherwise they surely served as another step in my learning curve !

Anyway , the viewers should not consider these as perfect lures , just for examples for the previously mentioned line tie methods:yes: .

greetz :yay:, diemai

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