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weird casting spoons

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In the comment section of TU member spoopa's latest gallery upload "Inspiration from Creature Spoon" a discussion about connector snaps and/or wire form "omega clips" rigged onto spoons has come up , so I' d just like to display these some of my earlier spoon models , on which I had first utilized both methods .

My goal of design back in those days(maybe 10 years ago ???) was to achieve a spoon model without requiring any cupping with a ball peen hammer , but simply to be bend over the edges of a vise( I finally achieved sucha successful spoon model by now with my "DinnerBell" spoon) .

The first models I had furnished with a row of attachement holes , since I had no idea about where the locations of line tie and hook had to be to provide the best possible action(if there would be any action at all ???) .

When first casting these spoons with snaps attached , I had found the snaps to ocassionally accidentally open , if rigged the wrong way(put them all in proper direction by now) .

After I had found about those eye locations , I had furnished a second batch with these "omega clip" wire forms , that I have described in spoopa's upload comments section .

I had named these spoons "Rhombo"(the elongated one) and "PikeKite".

Haven't fished them much , since they turned out to have some drawbacks :

"Rhombo" rises up very quick , one has to take care about retrieve pace not to have it break through the surface to loose its pronounced side-to-side roll and wave pattern .

"PikeKite" probably has the most un-aerodynamic shape and thus casts into unpredictable directions ocassionally , also the hook sometimes tangles into the main line , since the distance between line tie and rear hook eye came out to be too short !

!t also rises up quick(obviously all spoons with their line tie behind their front tip do that more or less) , but not as much as "Rhombo" ,.... and really acts like a simple old fashioned children's kite , .........it comes back tail down wiggling side-to-side a bit , on speed increases or little twitches it does randomly change direction just like a kite in the wind , when one tightens the attachment line(it also breaks out to the sides) .

Anyway , as said before , haven't fished these much , only for one or two seasons back then they were in my boxes , haven't caugt on them either , .....only had a big zander(walleye) follow up a "PikeKite"once , but it turned away , as it saw me standing on that pontoon .

Well , now that I gained more experience in fishing , I am thinking to give them another try , ........otherwise they surely served as another step in my learning curve !

Anyway , the viewers should not consider these as perfect lures , just for examples for the previously mentioned line tie methods:yes: .

greetz :yay:, diemai

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Informative write-up. Always good to keep pushing the bounds. May want to move this into the forums page as you progress.

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Diemai - we can tell you can get free s/s plate, those are beautiful, and can't see how they would not work, keep at it, the fish deserve to be caught on one of those beauties.pete

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Hey Dieter,

I know what ya mean about these spoon types rising very quickly. I just went out to the lake last night with one of my creature spoons and on the cast you had to reel them in very slow to prevent from breaking the surface just like you said. I am still waiting to go to a trout lake to give these the fish test though.

I also see what you mean about your line tie. It looks much more full proof than the snaps, and easier than trying to make a welded split ring. I think that I will incorporate these line tie designs into my spoons that I have now.

Thanks for all the information that you have posted, it helps a lot lol.

Thanks, Jacob

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I still have a question to ask. How much do you pay the workers in your lure factory?

I might be interested ....:)

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Thanks a lot for your kind words:yes: , guys ,........much appreciated:worship::worship: !

At my boring nightshifts I always used to think about fishing and lures , so sometimes things like these come out of it (presently I'm thinking 'bout the same at my boring lateshifts:lol::lol:) !

@ rofish

The payment is sore fingertips and arms , blisters on the hands and on rare ocassion split fingernails , ..............and one or another fish caught , naturally:lol::lol: !

Thanks a lot again for your warm comments again , ....greetz:yay: , Dieter

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