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My 8" series.

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My first upload. This is the first in a series of 20 hard baits I'm doing for saltwater. They all depict fish found on the South African coastline. This is the first "hand carving" I've done since 1986. Back then I did a few knockoffs of Fatraps and caught a few fish with them. This is a much more ambitious project and my aim is to get as much detail into each one as possible. The ultimate goal is to mold each one for limited production at a later stage. To say this Kingfish (GT) was hand carved is not quite true as it's made from a composite Balsa sheet. This stuff as you probably know is not easy to whittle so it was shaped on a belt sander at first and then finished with sandpaper. Some of the accents were built up with Bondo and shaped. After the final coat of spray filler it will be finish sanded and molded. After that I will get into foiling for the first time. The Balsa examples will be show baits but the molded ones will be produced in Carbon Fiber, foiled and sold locally to some of my friends hopefully. I get all my inspiration from builders in the States and the two that stand out are Fatfingers and Rowhunter. No doubt this list will grow enormously with some of the excellent work I've seen displayed on TU. Thank you for having me. My wife is pretty stoked right now as she has full control of the TV. She says she's starting to get an American accent with all the stuff she's been forced to watch on ESPN.

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You must have some very tough predators down there at the Cape , the wire form of your lure looks pretty strong ,......exceptionally strong :yes:!

Nice lure , really looks like those "strange" fish , that I sometimes see on TV:lol: !

greetz:yay: , diemai

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Hey diemai, thanks. I was so stoked to get the first one done but I never had the right gauge wire so I just went for it. It wasn't easy bending I'll tell ya. Thanks to all you guys for the encouragement. This is really a cool site.

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They look cool, something a bit different, are they intended to imitate a baby Jack Cravally or GT type fish? If so great job!!

Welome to TU by the way, not many, if any, other members from SA, I grew up in SA and have very fond memories of beach fishing along the coast at night for Cod and also catching tiger fish in the okavango delta on spinners and light tackle, what a blast when your 10 yers old!!!... a far cry from the european perch and pike fishing here!! . Would love to come back one day and chuck some home made lures to toothy SA predators.. and most of all I miss biltong!!!!!!!!!



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