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Appetizer 6 inch crank

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I'm building a series of these in three different sizes... an 8 inch "Entre," a 6 inch Appetizer, and a 4 inch Musky Mint. This one is from western red cedar and twitches nice. Thanks for looking.

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I tell you what else hasn't been said.... " A man...GET's SOME WOOD..and the story begins.. he makes a outstanding lure just like this one and takes it fishing... he catches a fish.....he takes a picture to capture the momment in time that last until his wife burns the photo because she is sick and tried of all the pictures of fish in the closet... he eats the fish...the raw waste is releashed back into the earth a few days later or after a cup of coffee ...only to help fertlize a new tree in the woods.. in which a A new man.. GETS MORE WOOD... and the circle of life repeats upon itself..."

So now you know what I mean when I SAY VINCE....That's one CRAPPY LURE!!!.

The Rookie

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