Spotted bass

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Here are some spots from my local resavoir. I know they are not big as compared to most bass but at my local lake these are considered decent fish. The one with the crankbait hanging out of its mouth was my first bass on a crank and he was in the 16inch range. Caught him within 5 minutes of throwing that thing to lol:teef:. The one with the topwater hanging out of its mouth is a 18inch spot. That handcarve spook has caught me countless numbers of smallmouth, they just go crazy on that thing. One day it was raing and I actaully went through a pair of hooks with it, they were just some eagle claws.

Thanks for looking, Jacob

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Only know them bass from pictures , ......but though being not quite small , this one is rather slender in body shape .

We have the same with our local perch over here as well , ....some waters hold real fat high bodied ones , whereas in other swims the fish also have a rather slender shape , .....and this even if they would be in comparable lengths of body .

Still a nice fish , though , .......congrats , Jacob !

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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