Walleye Baits

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Deep diving Walleye baits

Lets hear your :twocents: on how to improve

Thanks Dave

I sold these so I could buy more supplies to make more lures :drool:

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It looks like that you are finding things out for yourself as you build more and more baits. But if I was to try to change something in these lures is to get a better sealer on them so it looks like you have a smoother paintjob. IMO I dont think it matters to the fish at all but as you go to sell them you want them to catch the fishermen lol. I have had times that is what sold a lure and what didnt lol. People are weird but I think that your lures are looking great lately:yay:. I have been trying to save up for a new airbrush with by selling lures and its a tedious process lol.

Goodluck, Jacob

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I'd second to spoopa , ..........improve the looks on your baits and you'll catch more fishermen:yes: !

You have a distinctive style on your homemades already , which I assume to work well in your local waters(otherwise you won't make all of your lures like that , I guess ???) .

Sucha unique style is always of advantage for selling them IMO , provided that they catch at least as good as others ,.... but possibly even better !

good luck :yay:, ....diemai

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