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Hi there everyone, My name is Matt and I fish for pike in Ireland, I love to lure fish and here is one of my latest hybrids, I had a 22lb fish on one of these a few years back and I decided to make a black and orange in it as they are such good colours for the peat stained waters I fish. This is an excellent site, I have been reading posts for the last week or so and I have really learned a lot from it as regards to lure making :yay:

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Welcome aboard , Matt:yay: , ............always been wondering , whether such attached grub's tail would not possibly disturb or constantly alter the wobbling action of a lipped lure:? ?

But obviously not , if a 22 pounder found it worth a bite;):) !

What kinda metal did you use for the lip ?

Nicely designed lure:yes: , ........greetz:yay: , diemai

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Thanks for the welcome lads

@ Diemai

This lure was my invention and how I designed it in my head to what I actually got was 2 very different things!

This is a big lure and has a 'Kalin Big N' tail and is in between the standard and the mag dawg as a size guide for you. I actually wanted the body to wiggle and the curly tail to work its stuff to give me something a bit different. What I actually got was lure body that is almost completely damped by the tail. It has a very subtle body movement which is regular. The one thing I liked about the lure was its ability to dive on a short line and with it working in the tail wash when I am trolling has given me some memorable days. I realised that I needed to have the body seperated by a split ring to get the action I was trying to achieve in the first place but the pike seem to like it so what odds!

I used a bit of galvanised 20swg mild steel for the lip which I have plenty of access too, I have used it on a number of crankbaits now and it also doesn't put the fish off.


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@ MattDean

Thanks for all info , Matt , .....I know , that such metal lips would not put the fish off , I am making mine out of aluminium(also easy accessible to me;)) .

greetz :yay:, Dieter

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