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Rocky Patel Peacock Bass Cigar Bait

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This is the 2nd Peacock Bass cigar bait I've made. The details turned out better than the first one I made. Love painting these because they are truly one of the most beautiful fish God ever created. This was a special order for a fathers day gift. I used an "olde world reserve" cigar band and box and the eye worked great which was a green and yellow "Mahi Mahi" eye I had that I haven't been able to find any more.

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Man , you are an artist in painting , ...hats of to you:yes::yes: !

I find this particular body shape quite inpiring for a wake bait , ...just leave away the dorsal fin , mount a bigger lip and hinge the tail ,..........who knows ????

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Thanks Diemai, that looks like an awesome trout in your picture! Was just researching trout fishing on the white river in Arkansas for March 2010 this morning. I caught my first and only trout last weekend in NE Iowa; a 12 inch Brown trout. Truly the most beautiful fish ive ever caught. I'm hooked now so going 8 hours south for shot at some trophies.

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