Creature Spoon Sizes

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After having completed and uploaded my latest spoon model "Creature Spoon" about two weeks ago , I have by now made a few more of same model in two added sizes .

The lure in center was the initial model , uncupped blank length 90 millimetres respectively , the smaller one is 60 mm and the larger one 120 mm .

The big one is shaped from 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet and turned out quite heavy , scratching two ounces , I'd say , also made some of the smaller versions of copper sheet 1,5 mm .

To enlarge or minor the sizing is quite easy to be done by putting the produchtion template or its outline drawn on paper on a good photocopy machine and utilize it's zoom function , can furnish a new production template after the altered sketch .

But most likely enlarged or minored spoons have a more or less different action compared to their differently sized clones , sometimes even the cupping has to be made a little different to get an appealing action out of it !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Those look very nice Dieter! I take it that these have been working well for you since you made a couple different sizes. I finally got to test mine out today and it caught a lil trout. I really like the amount of wobble that these spoons have to. I still have to do some designs with the tape but the copper color of the spoons seem to work very well:tipsy:. lol well hope these catch ya some monsters!

Goodluck, Jacob

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Thanks for your kind words , Jacob and Mark :yes::worship:!

These spoons cast very well , due to having their center of gravity more in their rear portion .

On a very slow retrieve they'd hang a bit tail down and lazily wiggle around their lengthwise axis , the pace is increased , the side-to-side wiggle also gets stronger and also some "X"ing(viewed from top) sets in , approx. 30

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