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Clicking "Mouse Spoons"

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After some bath tub experiments I got finished with my latest spoon models today .

Actually these are no new spoon models , they are my already uploaded "Mouse Spoon" model ,........ but this time I have equipped them with a "twin clicker" , that generates a steady metallic clicking noise on retrieve , which came out to work pretty fine .

You may check my thread "Clicking Casting Spoons" for more details .

I am planning on throwing them tomorrow for the first time , as I am eager to find out , which effect the clicker would have on the casting performance :?.

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Very nice craftsmanship on the clackers:yes:

I bet the fish will love these lol, maybe a big ole pike will come up and smash one of these guys!

Goodluck, Jacob

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