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T-ing trebles

T-ing trebles

I was asked to post pictures of a T-ed treble, and don't know how to do it on the forum. :o

    Hi Mark.

    For split ring mount hook - use Owner ST-36 for T-ing trebles.

    mark poulson
    Jul 17 2009 10:25 PM
    Thanks Dimitry. I know about the Owners, but, at the time, that was the only 3/0 treble I had. I use Owner ST 41s on my swimbaits. If I have to use other hooks, I turn the hook mount 90 degrees, and they work. I happened to have that 8" pupfish on my desk when I read the request on the forum, so I just took a picture to try and show how a T-ed treble lays flat on the belly of a lure, and how it looks from the top.