6 1/4 inch Muskie Crankbait.,,

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I designed this body style 2 years ago and haven't made a lot of them since. So...I decided to put a few more back in my tackle box. This is a Fatfingers RocketShad.

I gave it 4/0 trebles (VMC Cone-Cut 8650's) a square lip, nose line tie, cherry glow eyes, and a Lime Tiger paint job. Hope you like it.

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IM STILL WAITING ON ONE TO RING MY DOOR BELL!!! all im saying.... I mean I get so many rings from so many good lookin women all day long.. just once could it be something different..... I jump up out of my chair just hoping maybe this time its the postman with one of fats Rocketshad... only to have the false alarm of another super model asking for a Airbrush Tan.... Well there's always tommorrow...

The Rookie .

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