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LXT Rat Wake Bait

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The other night I'm reading this other website and there is a dispute over the design of a certain mouse wake bait. I think the bait is pretty cool, but the paint makes it look like something you would see in the kids toy box. So I broke out the clay and carved this one up. Obviously it will take a little time to get the right hinge, bill, and hook placement, but its a good start....

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Thats the most realistic mouse bait I have ever seen, you should maybe put some small lil feet on it to. You can get some pink dacron for that maybe. Looks great, very nice there:drool:

Goodluck, Jacob

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Very nice idea and detailed execution:yes: !

Since I have once made a similar wooden single one , (not as pretty by far:nuhuh:) I am really eager to hear how it would finally act with it's jointed rear section:yes: !

great work:yes: , ........greetz :yay:,diemai

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