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alligator topwater

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baby gator, 7"

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Ill agree with Bob on this one to.... ill like to see what wood hit this thing?!

Great job on painting and everything:worship:


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Nice looking bait John.... I thought about making a gator bait too a while back just never got around to trying it out.. This same thought came to me after I was watching a program on Discovery talking about a white baby gator and how hard it would be to make it in the wild without it's natural camo colors.. Kinda funny how everyone wants fishing baits to look as natural to the live colors yet those natural colors are actually to help protect the prey in nature.. Go figure.. This is one of your best looking baits by far and all your work is outstanding.

The Rookie.

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it swims with just the top of the head and a little bit of the back out of the water. originally i had a 3rd hook out of the tail but that caused it to float tail down in the water not level. from what i hear from guys in Florida and other alligator places, bass will eat a small gator. it swims with the head pretty stable and most of the motion in the back half of the bait.

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