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Wake Bait

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Hard Tail on this one....

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This design looks very similar to taters "hoochie momma" wake bait:?. But he has some very good designs and your design makes sense also, wide body for wide wobble and large head for a wake.

I really like this one the most out of all them though, I just like that mean look on the face:teef:. I was wondering though... what did you carve this out of? it doesnt look like wood but more of like PVC of some sort:?

Thanks, Jacob

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Yup, Tater inspired me to carve this thing up. The only difference; Tater's is about 20x's better!!

This moldels are made out of clay.

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Look's a little like rookie when he's thinkin' up those crazy stories..!!! lol.. Great job.. Have you gave it a swim yet....

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