3 1/4" Saltwater Twitch Baits


Three small sinking twitch baits I made for trout and redfish on the coast.

Details: Basswood, double epoxy undercoated, Brite-bak foil, double Dick Nite topcoated (dipped), final weight .42 oz.

These are based on a Mirrolure M-19 body. I'll try the foil - gray back in freshwater. The foil - neon yellow and the Electric Chicken (neon yellow belly- foil - neon pink) are very popular on the NC coast. Just love the name "Electric Chicken":lol:

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Nice stuff. Nothing wrong with those Electric Chickens. Wish I had a few. That woks where i come from too. I thought everyone in North Carolina was into NASCAR?, lol.

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That foiling turned out very neat , great work:yes: !

Local pike over here would take a bite on these as well;) !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Bob P

Good Looking baits as always ..."Electric Chicken " never heard of it around here in WV .. Now "Flying Chickens" Yes - Around here at fair time - Contests - See how are your chicken can fly - What I have seen of it .. It's How far can you throw your chicken - Ha Hee - Got to love the County Fairs and of course "Bob P Baits"

Nice Job Buddy :)


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I trolled a Rapala Husky Jerk painted in Electric Chicken in Canada and the pike there liked it...... but of course, those igorant Canadian pike like ANYTHING, unlike the highly educated bass down here in the Southland, many of whom have graduate degrees in lure identification.

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