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6 new lures

mark poulson
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6 new baits from AZEK.

The 10" trout is a floater, 137 grams, tail by CaptnSully.

The 6" gliders are 70 grams.

The 5" gliders are 50 grams.

Originally I made the 10" trout, in the chartruese shad scheme, and 6" glider, in a bone scheme, for someone who is fishing a big fish tournament at the Delta this month.

So I made some for myself while I was at it. ;)

The dark 5" is black belly, pearl silver over black scales, and transparent irridescent violet over that.

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Nice work again , Mark , ....the big jointed has something "tropical" , surely like that paint scheme:yes: !

Keep up the good work:yes: ! ......greetz , Dieter:yay:

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Marky Mark...

Those are looking sweet! I really like your small little glider "Punker" type bait! Really nice work my friend! Let me know when your ready to sell some on the site!

Lili Man!

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Thanks. They're so easy to make, you could knock one out in an hour.

Email me if you want the specs.


The jointed trout was supposed to be a variation of a chartruese shad paint scheme. That's what he wanted, so that's what I painted. It looks lighter in the photo than it really is.

Lili Man,

Thanks, but, thanks goodness, I have my hands full right now. I don't have any more time to make baits in quantity. I'll keep your offer in mind.

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