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Latest version of my 7" swimbait.

7" long

28 grams

Paint is special request from friend

Thanks for looking


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Hey, I just saw these David!! I miss looking at the gallery for a week, a few guys post 9000 pics of repaints, or 14 views of the same lure, (I keep hearing these comments from some friends, don't kill the messenger!) and the next thing you know, is that these beautifully engineered babies are on page eleventy-five! Point being, is that I need to check the gallery more often, along with some other guys too busy to keep up. I can't wait to mug the guy or guys who now own them and save them from having to lug these around...and if one person has more than one of these, that's not even fair! How are the rest of us poor slobs supposed to get hold of any when other people keep cornering the market! I'll bet you can't even keep any for yourself!!

Nice baits!

So...do you really think that 1/8 polycarbonate is better for the tails than 1/16th????


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